Resmed Quattro FX Mask Cushion Replacement

Resmed Quattro FX Mask Cushion Replacement


The ResMed Quattro™ FX is the sleek, compact alternative to traditional full face masks. The cushion replacement for the mask is the same as what comes with the mask originally, so if yours is growing dirty or is ripped, this cushion fits right back in without you having to buy a new mask.



Resmed Quattro FX Mask Cushion Replacement

Resmed Quattro FX CPAP Mask Information:

Just when we thought ResMed couldn’t outdo their very popular Mirage Quattro, they surprised us with the debut of the ResMed Quattro FX Full Face CPAP Mask. This ResMed full face CPAP mask builds on the proven platform of the original Mirage Quattro, adding new features to deliver an even more comfortable and lightweight full face CPAP mask solution.

The ResMed Quattro FX allows full face CPAP mask users something most masks cannot – a clear field of vision. It’s lightweight and unobtrusive design means not only is the mask more comfortable to sleep in, it’s also easier fit, easier to clean, and easier to wear.

Many CPAP users find the adjustment to a full face mask to be a bit more difficult due to the larger size of the mask and the area it covers on the face; the ResMed Quattro FX lessens the anxiety that can come with wearing a full face mask. The minimal weight of the mask combined with the comfort design proven in ResMed masks and cushions means that problems associated with claustrophobia, tearing masks off while sleeping, non-compliance, and more can be relieved.

The ResMed Quattro FX Full Face CPAP mask has a built in quick release to allow CPAP users to get up during the night, without having to remove their CPAP mask, as well as having easy to release headgear clips that allow the mask to be removed quickly and without having to worry about readjusting headgear.

This CPAP mask is excellent for mouth breathers, and can be used with CPAP and BiPAP therapy at any pressure setting. Replacement cushions are available for longevity of your ResMed Quattro FX CPAP Full Face mask.

Please choose a size when ordering. Sizes available are:
62738 – Medium
62739 – Large

Resmed Quattro FX Mask Features

  • Clear line of sight – The smaller frame design allows the user to see well, without the normal obstruction in a full face design. The smaller style also makes side-sleeping more comfortable.
  • Built-in vent design – The proven ResMed vent design disperses air quietly and gently.
  • Flexible and durable mask frame – The Quattro FX has a sturdy enough design to remain stabilized on the face, but it is flexible enough to accommodate the user’s movements during sleep.
  • 360-degree elbow rotation – Allows ease of tubing positioning; avoid bothersome tubing snags or pulls while sleeping.
  • New, improved tension-reducing headgear design – Resolve pressure point pain with this new design by ResMed.
  • Dual-wall spring air cushion – A soft silicone cushion with two layers that inflates like a balloon to provide a comfortable and flexible seal around any face shape.
  • Set-and-forget headgear clips – Easy to release headgear clips on both sides of the mask ensure that mask removal is easy and adjustment-free.

Click here for more information on the Resmed Quattro FX Mask from the manufacturer to see the benefits of this cushion.

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