Good Grips Bendable Tablespoon

Good Grips Bendable Tablespoon


The Good Grips Bendable Tablespoon has a special twist built into the metal shaft that allows it to be bent to any angle, for either left- or right-handed use. This handle design is so unique, it has a U.S. patent. A great solution for persons with arthritis, CVA or neurological impairments.



Good Grips Bendable Tablespoon Features and Benefits:

  • Large handle is helpful for persons with weak grasp, or limited hand coordination
  • Special twist in shaft allows adjustments to any angle
  • Special built-up, non-slip, bendable handles make these Good Grips Coated Utensils ideal for clients with spasticity, limited hand-to-mouth reach or impaired hand control
  • Plastisol coating that protects teeth and lips from injury
  • 1-3/8″ (3.5cm) built-up handle
  • The soft, latex-free material has flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip
  • Available with a weighted grip, as well, for more stability for persons with hand tremors or Parkinson’s disease

Good Grips Bendable Tablespoon Specifications:

  • Product number: NC65500
  • Manufacturer: North Coast Medical, Inc.
  • Brand: OXO and Good Grips
  • Packaging: 1 spoon
  • Material: Stainless steel

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Weighted, Non-weighted