Eggcrate Bed Pad

Eggcrate Bed Pad by BioClinic


The BioClinic TheraPad are puncture-proof pads that have open cell material, wave cut construction and provide greater support while dissipating heat and moisture better than fluff or mechanized pads.


Eggcrate Bed Pad Features and Benefits:

  • Layers: The core mattress layers provide support and the top layers enhance comfort, provide envelopment and redistribute pressure
  • Precision Die Cuts: Protects areas of the patient’s body that are most prone to pressure ulcers by pulling heat away from the patient, redistributing pressure, and reducing friction and shearing forces to enhance patient comfort and protect the patient’s skin
  • Sidewalls: Aids in fall prevention by providing added security for the patient when side rails are not used. Incorporated cut-outs enable ingress and egress
  • Perimeter: Enhances compliance with FDA Entrapment Guidelines, reduces fall risk and increases the life cycle of the mattress
  • Articulation Cuts: Base cuts in the bottom of the foam allow the mattress to move in harmony with the bed frame, reducing friction and shear on patient skin and increasing product life
  • Heel Support: A gentle tapering of the mattress in the lower leg or calf section down to the heel, redistributes pressure to the more tolerant calf area to protect the delicate heels

Eggcrate Bed Pad Specifications:

  • Product number: 3672
  • Dimensions: 36 x 72″, 4″ height
  • Manufacturer: Joerns Healthcare
  • Brand: BioClinic

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