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  • Buzzaround LT Scooter by Golden


    This Buzzaround LT scooter is the smallest, lightest, and most portable Buzzaround scooter; however, it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and increased foot room. The new Buzz LT also has a charger port in the delta tiller, a new hard plastic rugged basket, updated black wheels and a plush, padded seat.

    Buzzaround LT Scooter

    Buzzaround LT Scooter by Golden

  • Three-Wheel LiteRider Scooter by Golden


    The three-wheel LiteRider™ scooter from Golden features better range, a Delta Tiller standard, more attractive styling and more vibrant colors. A modern tubular frame design supports its 300 lb. weight capacity and its completely wireless disassembly makes transporting a breeze. The LiteRider GL111’s 9-inch, black low-profile tires are mounted on high-strength steel rims with shiny hubcaps. .

    Three-Wheel LiteRider Scooter

    Three-Wheel LiteRider Scooter by Golden

  • Threshold Ramp by Lifestyle


    The Lifestyle Threshold Ramp allows scooters and wheelchairs to move over thresholds with ease.

    Threshold Ramp

    Threshold Ramp by Lifestyle

  • Walker Bag by RMS


    The RMS Walker Bag attaches to any wheelchair, walker, scooter, or rollator to make carrying your things easier.

    Walker Bag

    Walker Bag by RMS